League Records

Les Hawkins Wins
Clive Whyte3
Colin Robinson2
Jeff Brown2
Ken Taylor2
Mike Walsh2
Richard Stroughair2

Billiards Player of Year
Richard Stroughair3
Darren Clark2
Dave Birch2
Gary Rogers2
Mark Winskill2

Snooker Player of Year
Clive Whyte4
Jason Milner4
Brian Coulson3
Mark Winskill3

Over 50's Wins
Ken Taylor7
Bob Smith5
Alan Reed2

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This tournament started in the 2001-02 season and is a handicapped version of the Scruton Cup competition. Listed below are the winners in reverse order and, where available, links to the competition results for that season.

Event Year Winner Club F A Runner Up Club Season
Fosters Cup2019Iain TessierBootham31Kevin GallHeworth2018-19
Fosters Cup2018Sam ParkinsonFulford31Mick BorgAcomb2017-18
Fosters Cup2017Andy IrelandHeworth31Jon MilnerAcomb2016-17
Fosters Cup2016Jon MilnerAcomb32Neil WoodHeworth2015-16
Fosters Cup2015Matt SmithBootham31Jordan WorobecHeworth2014-15
Fosters Cup2014Barry RankinBootham31James LeeFulford2013-14
Fosters Cup2013Neil WoodHeworth32Lee TaylorMalton2012-13
Fosters Cup2012Tim ListerFulford31Phil CarltonAcomb2011-12
Fosters Cup2011Tim ListerFulford31Jim RollinsonFulford2010-11
Fosters Cup2010Mike WalshFulford31Roger WardMalton2009-10
Fosters Cup2009Kevin GallHeworth31Mark CalpinHeworth2008-09
Fosters Cup2008Neil WoodHeworth30Steve BurdettHeworth2007-08
Fosters Cup2007Richard StroughairFulford31Rich BurdettHeworth2006-07
Fosters Cup2006Lol BarnesBootham32Chris ThompsonHeworth2005-06
Fosters Cup2005Neil WoodHeworth30Clive WhyteHeworth2004-05
Fosters Cup2004Clive WhyteHeworth30Mick FramptonHeworth2003-04
Fosters Cup2003Richard StroughairFulford31Kevin GallHeworth2002-03
Fosters Cup2002Neil WoodHeworth32Brian CoulsonBootham2001-02

Player Wins
Neil Wood4
Richard Stroughair2
Tim Lister2
Andy Ireland1
Barry Rankin1
Clive Whyte1
Iain Tessier1
Jon Milner1
Kevin Gall1
Lol Barnes1
Matt Smith1
Mike Walsh1
Sam Parkinson1
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