League Records

Billiards Player of Year
Richard Stroughair3
Darren Clark2
Dave Birch2
Gary Rogers2
Mark Winskill2

Billiards Highest Breaks
Darren Clark135
Gary Rogers134
Gary Rogers130
Gary Rogers129
Darren Clark125

C Team KO Wins
Bootham I8
Acomb I3

Snooker Highest Breaks
Neil Wood139
Simon Weatherill112
Clive Whyte111
Neil Wood107
Neil Wood106

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This tournament started in 1960 under the guise of the Camerons Cup (named after it's sponsor) before being run by the Faber Shield from 1993. The event was then funded by the Faber Shield until 2000, when Kutters & Shannon became the new title sponsors. Since 2015, Greene King have sponsored the event. Listed below are the winners (since 1977) in reverse order and, where available, links to the competition results for that season. If you can help fill in any voids please contact us here.

Event Year Winners Runners Up Season
Kutters & Shannon Team KO2019Heworth AMalton A2018-19
Kutters & Shannon Team KO2018Acomb AHeworth A2017-18
Kutters & Shannon Team KO2017Acomb BHeworth B2016-17
Kutters & Shannon Team KO2016Heworth ABootham B2015-16
Kutters & Shannon Team KO2015Malton ABootham B2014-15
Kutters & Shannon Team KO2014Heworth AAcomb A2013-14
Kutters & Shannon Team KO2013Bootham BMalton A2012-13
Kutters & Shannon Team KO2012Fulford BHeworth B2011-12
Kutters & Shannon Team KO2011Heworth ABootham B2010-11
Kutters & Shannon Team KO2010Malton AFulford B2009-10
Kutters & Shannon Team KO2009Bootham AFulford B2008-09
Kutters & Shannon Team KO2008Fulford ABootham B2007-08
Kutters & Shannon Team KO2007Heworth ABootham A2006-07
Kutters & Shannon Team KO2006Heworth AAcomb A2005-06
Kutters & Shannon Team KO2005Heworth AFulford A2004-05
Kutters & Shannon Team KO2004Heworth ABootham B2003-04
Kutters & Shannon Team KO2003Heworth ABootham A2002-03
Kutters & Shannon Team KO2002Heworth AFulford A2001-02
Kutters & Shannon Team KO2001Heworth AAcomb A2000-01
Team KO2000Bootham AHeworth A1999-00
Team KO1999Heworth ABootham A1998-99
Team KO1998Heworth AAcomb A1997-98
Team KO1997Heworth AFulford A1996-97
Team KO1996Bootham AAcomb A1995-96
Team KO1995Heworth ABootham B1994-95
Team KO1994Fulford AHeworth A1993-94
Team KO1993Bootham AUnknown1992-93
Cameron Cup Team KO1992Bootham AUnknown1991-92
Cameron Cup Team KO1991Heworth AUnknown1990-91
Cameron Cup Team KO1990Heworth AUnknown1989-90
Cameron Cup Team KO1989Central AUnknown1988-89
Cameron Cup Team KO1988UnknownUnknown1987-88
Cameron Cup Team KO1987UnknownUnknown1986-87
Cameron Cup Team KO1986Acomb AUnknown1985-86
Cameron Cup Team KO1985UnknownUnknown1984-85
Cameron Cup Team KO1984Central AUnknown1983-84
Cameron Cup Team KO1983UnknownUnknown1982-83
Cameron Cup Team KO1982UnknownUnknown1981-82
Cameron Cup Team KO1981Bootham AUnknown1980-81
Cameron Cup Team KO1980UnknownUnknown1979-80
Cameron Cup Team KO1979UnknownUnknown1978-79
Cameron Cup Team KO1978UnknownUnknown1977-78
Cameron Cup Team KO1977Bootham BUnknown1976-77

Team Wins
Heworth A17
Bootham A6
Acomb A2
Bootham B2
Central A2
Fulford A2
Malton A2
Acomb B1
Fulford B1
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