League Records

Snooker Player of Year
Clive Whyte4
Jason Milner4
Brian Coulson3
Mark Winskill3

Faber Shield Wins

Billiards Player of Year
Richard Stroughair3
Darren Clark2
Dave Birch2
Gary Rogers2
Mark Winskill2

C Team KO Wins
Bootham I8
Acomb I3

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  • 2019-20 Season (added 20-Aug-2019)

    The 2019-20 Season is almost upon us. Please stay tuned for the latest information. Following the AGM, the fixtures for the new season were released and can be viewed below.

    2019-20 Fixtures

  • Archive Player Win Statistics Updated (added 12-Jun-2019)

    The player win statistics page has been updated. This page lists all the win percentages for each player by sport. It excludes players who have only played a handful of games so as not to skew the results.

    Player Win Percentage Records

  • Your Website Needs You (added 29-Aug-2011)

    As some of you may know, I left the UK in the summer to begin a job working in the Czech Republic. In the modern world it is not a problem for me to continue to maintain www.fabershield.co.uk, however, I need your help. I have always run this site myself, without funding, for the benefit of you the players. If you want this site to continue, as many of you have you told me over the years, then now it is time to give something back. All I ask is that you mail me with results and information for the site. I will then update the site as professionally as I always have done. If any of you would like to do more, please contact me directly here. Thanks for your help guys.

  • Players Contacts Database (added 14-Jun-2011)

    Please take the time to update your details on the players contact database. By submitting your data, it is assumed that you have given your consent for it to be listed on the website.

    Click here to add your details.

  • Important Notice (added 01-Feb-2010)

    I have been asked to point out that this website, www.fabershield.co.uk, is run independently of the Faber Shield Committee. The site was founded by myself in 2001 and has been run and maintained solely by me with no financial support from the Faber Shield.

    As such please by aware that anything on my website is unofficial and should be treated as such. The official documents released by the Faber Shield committee (on which they hold the copyright) must be treated as the primary source of information.

    I shall be updating the site over the next few weeks to ensure that any concerns the Faber Shield Chairman has over this website are addressed. Please bear with me in the meantime for any inconvenience caused.

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