League Records

C Team KO Wins
Bootham I8
Acomb I3

Over 50's Wins
Ken Taylor7
Bob Smith5
Alan Reed2

Snooker Highest Breaks
Neil Wood139
Simon Weatherill112
Clive Whyte111
Neil Wood107
Neil Wood106

B Team Cup Wins
Bootham B19
Heworth B9
Fulford B5

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Willsden Steel Snooker Player of the Season 2016-17

These are the final positions in the Willsden Steel Snooker Player of the Season competition for the 2016-17 season. Only matches played in the Carlsberg-UK Snooker League count towards the competition. Please note that since the 2006-07 season walkovers are counted as a win for the Player of the Season competition and so are used here in calculating the position of a player in the rankings.

Player Team P W L w/o Season
Paul MahoneyBootham B1613302016-17
Phil CookeFulford B1412202016-17
Sam EnglandFulford A1612402016-17
Chris AtkinsonMalton A1311202016-17
Kevan VentressAcomb B1611502016-17
Tom LewisFulford A1611502016-17
Dan PawsonMalton A1510502016-17
Dan PotterAcomb A1510502016-17
John SherlockHeworth B1510502016-17
Rob BarronBootham A1510502016-17
Mick BorgAcomb A1610602016-17
Jon MilnerAcomb A149502016-17
Kevin GallHeworth A149502016-17
Barry RankinBootham A159602016-17
Bob SmithFulford B159602016-17
Tim FillinghamBootham A159602016-17
Brian HenryAcomb B128402016-17
Stuart MartelBootham A138502016-17
Andy StoneAcomb B148602016-17
Jeff WinterAcomb B148602016-17
Chris ThompsonBootham B158702016-17
Sam ParkinsonFulford A158702016-17
Gary DouglasHeworth A107302016-17
Andy IrelandHeworth B117402016-17
Paul HolmesAcomb A117402016-17
Steve BealMalton A117402016-17
Dave CogganFulford B127502016-17
Nick MarchantAcomb A137602016-17
Jeff BrownBootham A147702016-17
Keith ThornhillAcomb A147702016-17
Andrew SherryMalton A157802016-17
Paul PowellBootham B157802016-17
Colin RobinsonBootham A167902016-17
Andy OgleyHeworth B116502016-17
Lee ElvidgeFulford B126602016-17
Andy MorganAcomb B146802016-17
Clive WhyteHeworth A146802016-17
Dominic SpiteriMalton A146802016-17
Lol BarnesBootham B146802016-17
Steve RodgersAcomb B1661002016-17
Wayne PulestonFulford A55002016-17
Dean SmithFulford B115602016-17
Steve BurdettHeworth A115602016-17
Fabian SueessFulford B125702016-17
Ian StricklandHeworth B125702016-17
Pete HendersonHeworth B145902016-17
Simon WhitelyHeworth B145902016-17
Andy WynnBootham A1551002016-17
Phil HartMalton A1551002016-17
Andy ProudBootham B64202016-17
Tom WilsonFulford A64202016-17
Neil WoodHeworth A74302016-17
Phil CarltonAcomb A84402016-17
Glen MountainFulford A94502016-17
Martin JohnsonHeworth B104602016-17
Steve PawsonMalton A104602016-17
Richard LillieAcomb A124802016-17
Alan ReedFulford A134902016-17
Ian RobinsonBootham B1441002016-17
David ReedFulford B43102016-17
John DowdHeworth A43102016-17
Dave BeattieHeworth B53202016-17
Paul ScorfieldBootham B53202016-17
Pete DunmoreFulford A53202016-17
Andy HurleyHeworth B63302016-17
Nick GoodacreAcomb B63302016-17
Russ ShawFulford B63302016-17
Dollin MercerFulford A73402016-17
Pete RivisHeworth B73402016-17
Tristan OwenFulford B83502016-17
Nick DysonHeworth A93602016-17
David AtkinFulford A103702016-17
Roger WardMalton A1331002016-17
John AndersonFulford B22002016-17
Jordan WorobecHeworth A32102016-17
Jamie HusbandFulford A42202016-17
John AshwellAcomb B42202016-17
Mark WinskillHeworth A62402016-17
Mark HodsonHeworth A72502016-17
Mo MohammedFulford B72502016-17
Keith WatkinsonHeworth A1321102016-17
Chris NicholsonAcomb B1421202016-17
Matt SmithBootham B1421202016-17
Cameron FennellFulford B11002016-17
Phil WalkerHeworth B11002016-17
Rich BurdettHeworth A11002016-17
John SucheckiBootham A31202016-17
P.StewartBootham B71602016-17
Andy MarshallFulford A10102016-17
Andy WadeAcomb B10102016-17
Dale RoutFulford B10102016-17
Dave BeattieHeworth A10102016-17
Derrick MartinFulford B10102016-17
H.WilkesFulford B10102016-17
J.LloydBootham A10102016-17
Jake StephensonFulford A10102016-17
Jake StephensonFulford B10102016-17
Lauren HusbandFulford B10102016-17
M.PatsiaFulford B10102016-17
Nick HodgsonHeworth A10102016-17
S.CainBootham A10102016-17
S.CainBootham B10102016-17
Carl De PasqualeHeworth B20202016-17
Trevor VentressAcomb A20202016-17
Joe KimblingFulford A30302016-17
Roland CoxAcomb A40402016-17

P W L w/o
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