League Records

Les Hawkins Wins
Clive Whyte3
Colin Robinson2
Jeff Brown2
Ken Taylor2
Mike Walsh2
Richard Stroughair2

Faber Shield Wins

B Team Cup Wins
Bootham B19
Heworth B9
Fulford B5

Scruton Cup Wins
Ken Taylor9
Neil Wood9
Clive Whyte5
Dave Atkin5
Barry Rankin4
Terry Ward4

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Willsden Steel Snooker Player of the Season 2002-03

These are the final positions in the Willsden Steel Snooker Player of the Season competition for the 2002-03 season. Only matches played in the Carlsberg-UK Snooker League count towards the competition. Please note that since the 2006-07 season walkovers are counted as a win for the Player of the Season competition and so are used here in calculating the position of a player in the rankings.

Player Team P W L w/o Season
Brian CoulsonBootham A1412202002-03
Clive WhyteHeworth A1412202002-03
Ken TaylorBootham A1412202002-03
Richard StroughairFulford A1412202002-03
Keith LawrenceHeworth A1311202002-03
Jason MilnerHeworth A1210202002-03
George LongBootham B1310302002-03
Kevin GallHeworth A1310302002-03
Colin RobinsonBootham A1410402002-03
Rich BurdettHeworth A129302002-03
Sam EnglandFulford A139402002-03
Bob SmithFulford B149502002-03
Mark DarleyBootham A149502002-03
Neil WoodHeworth A88002002-03
Steve BurdettHeworth A118302002-03
Barry RankinBootham A148602002-03
George TooneFulford B148602002-03
John DarleyBootham A148602002-03
Dave TaylorHeworth A97202002-03
Gary RobinsonAcomb A107302002-03
Colin RichardsonHeworth B137602002-03
Jeff BrownBootham B137602002-03
Ray ThackwayFulford B137602002-03
John AshwellAcomb B147702002-03
Ray StampBootham B147702002-03
Wayne PulestonFulford A147702002-03
John SherlockHeworth B116502002-03
Arthur PegdenFulford B136702002-03
Jeff KeenAcomb B146802002-03
Pete StroughairFulford A146802002-03
Bernie AppletonFulford B95402002-03
John AndersonFulford A95402002-03
Ken BowserAcomb B105502002-03
Mick FramptonAcomb A115602002-03
Tim FillinghamBootham B115602002-03
Chris GrangerBootham B125702002-03
Ian RobinsonBootham B125702002-03
Marcus O'BoyleAcomb A125702002-03
Pete LawsonAcomb B125702002-03
Keith MyersAcomb A135802002-03
Steve RodgersAcomb B145902002-03
Trevor VentressAcomb B145902002-03
Brian BirchHeworth B64202002-03
Graham WorcesterHeworth A64202002-03
Phil CarltonAcomb A74302002-03
Chris ThompsonHeworth B104602002-03
Paul ClarkAcomb A104602002-03
Alan ReedFulford A114702002-03
Phil OliverFulford A114702002-03
Alf ApplebyHeworth B124802002-03
Fred HoughBootham B124802002-03
Huw FaircliffeHeworth B93602002-03
John FutterFulford B103702002-03
Mike BraithwaiteHeworth B103702002-03
Ian GilliesAcomb A123902002-03
Keith WatkinsonHeworth B123902002-03
Ged MacKenzieAcomb A22002002-03
Pete MillsBootham A32102002-03
Gary BoltonFulford B62402002-03
Peter JohnsHeworth B62402002-03
Brian BickerstaffFulford A72502002-03
Chris WasniowskiHeworth B82602002-03
Richard HarrisAcomb A82602002-03
Brian HenryAcomb B1221002002-03
Bob VentressAcomb A11002002-03
John AdcockFulford B11002002-03
Graham WilkinsonFulford A21102002-03
Don PringleBootham A41302002-03
Nigel SmithFulford B41302002-03
Paul FramptonAcomb A41302002-03
George TingleBootham A51402002-03
Lewis WillieFulford B61502002-03
Bernard WilleyBootham B10102002-03
Brian BickerstaffFulford B10102002-03
Craig JohnstonFulford A10102002-03
Geoff MeekAcomb A10102002-03
George RawlingAcomb A10102002-03
John FieldingFulford A10102002-03
John ProsserFulford B10102002-03
Kevan VentressAcomb B10102002-03
Mick ChapmanFulford B10102002-03
Pete MattinsonBootham B10102002-03
Roger GibsonFulford A10102002-03
Barry MansonAcomb B20202002-03
Geoff RobinsonFulford B20202002-03
John HutchinsonAcomb B20202002-03
K.MansonAcomb B20202002-03
Gerald ChalkFulford B30302002-03
Barry MansonAcomb A60602002-03
John WortleyBootham B70702002-03

P W L w/o
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