League Records

Billiards Player of Year
Richard Stroughair3
Darren Clark2
Dave Birch2
Gary Rogers2
Mark Winskill2

Over 50's Wins
Ken Taylor7
Bob Smith5
Alan Reed2

Billiards Highest Breaks
Darren Clark135
Gary Rogers134
Gary Rogers130
Gary Rogers129
Darren Clark125

Team KO Wins
Heworth A17
Bootham A6
Acomb A2

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This award was introduced in 1997 by the Faber Shield Chairman, Colin Robinson. The award is made each year by Colin to mark the contribution made by the selected player to the continued success of our leagues. The winners are listed in reverse order below.

EventYear Winner Season
Dedicated Player Award2019John Sherlock2018-19
Dedicated Player Award2018Sam England2017-18
Dedicated Player Award2016Brian Henry2015-16
Dedicated Player Award2015Roy Walker2014-15
Dedicated Player Award2014Alan Reed2013-14
Dedicated Player Award2013Ray Stamp2012-13
Dedicated Player Award2012Steve Rodgers2011-12
Dedicated Player Award2011Mick Frampton2010-11
Dedicated Player Award2010Frank Chelin2009-10
Dedicated Player Award2009George Lambert2008-09
Dedicated Player Award2008Don Nixon2007-08
Dedicated Player Award2007Barry Manson2006-07
Dedicated Player Award2006Lewis Willie2005-06
Dedicated Player Award2005Don Pringle2004-05
Dedicated Player Award2004Brian Bickerstaff2003-04
Dedicated Player Award2003Bob Ventress2002-03
Dedicated Player Award2002Eric Darley2001-02
Dedicated Player Award2001John Hutchinson2000-01
Dedicated Player Award2000Roger Gibson1999-00
Dedicated Player Award1999J.Blanchard1998-99
Dedicated Player Award1998Bob Smith1997-98
Dedicated Player Award1997Paul Waites1996-97

Player Wins
Alan Reed1
Barry Manson1
Bob Smith1
Bob Ventress1
Brian Bickerstaff1
Brian Henry1
Don Nixon1
Don Pringle1
Eric Darley1
Frank Chelin1
George Lambert1
John Hutchinson1
John Sherlock1
Lewis Willie1
Mick Frampton1
Paul Waites1
Ray Stamp1
Roger Gibson1
Roy Walker1
Sam England1
Steve Rodgers1
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