League Records

Hylton Foster Wins
Colin Robinson3
Pete Mills3
Terry Ward3
Dan Potter2
Dick Fall2
Gary Rogers2
Ken Taylor2
Paul Clark2
Richard Stroughair2
Tim Fillingham2
Tim Lister2

Les Hawkins Wins
Clive Whyte3
Colin Robinson2
Jeff Brown2
Ken Taylor2
Mike Walsh2
Richard Stroughair2

Team KO Wins
Heworth A17
Bootham A6
Acomb A2

Fosters Cup Wins
Neil Wood4
Richard Stroughair2
Tim Lister2

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Welcome to the Brian Jeffrey Memorial Over 50's Snooker competition page. Here you will find the fixtures and results from each round of the current competition along with the relevant players handicaps in red beside their names.


PRELIMINARY ROUND (To be played by 30th November 2019)

(21)B.Henry (A)1-0P.Carlton (A)(7)
(21)N.Kadis (A)1-0J.Littlewood (A)(16)
(21)K.Williams (A)0-1J.Sherlock (H)(28)
(21)A.Haithwaite (A)0-1K.Myers (A)(25)
(24)D.Sinclair (H)1-0M.Mohammed (F)(26)
(-16)K.Thornhill (A)0-1T.Ventress (A)(28)

ROUND 1 (To be played by 31st December 2019)

(21)B.Henry (A)1-0N.Kadis (A)(21)
(28)J.Sherlock (H)1-0K.Myers (A)(25)
(24)D.Sinclair (H)0-1T.Ventress (A)(28)
(27)J.Keen (A)1-0A.Barraclough (A)(-11)
(7)T.Fillingham (B)1-0P.Holmes (A)(-13)
(21)P.Smith (A)0-W/oB.Smith (F)(17)
(26)J.McCready (H)0-1A.Wade (A)(9)
(28)A.Reed (F)0-1P.Cooke (F)(23)

Q-FINALS (To be played by 31st January 2019)

(21)B.Henry (A)1-0J.Sherlock (H)(28)
(28)T.Ventress (A)0-1J.Keen (A)(27)
(7)T.Fillingham (B)1-0B.Smith (F)(17)
(9)A.Wade (A)1-0P.Cooke (F)(23)

S-FINAL (To be played Tues 4th February 2020 at Acomb)

(21)B.Henry (A)0-1J.Keen (A)(27)
(7)T.Fillingham (B)0-1A.Wade (A)(9)

FINAL (To be played Tues 4th February 2020 at Acomb)

(9)A.Wade (A)1-0J.Keen (A)(27)

  • All matches are 1 frame.
  • (*) Malton players may now play their matches at home.
  • Please note that players are now jointly responsible for arranging their matches to be played.
    Both players may be scratched if no result is received by the due date.
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